The Borrowing Scene/ I Dreamed About/ Its Solitude/ The Night Curtain

original poem〈借景〉(龍安寺)
english translation by Jeats 

The Borrowing Scene

Led into the pond side group by group
Visitors either sat or stood
Gesticulating at those delicate crafts before their eyes
And calculating with many counts
Occasionally with bored and dull stare
Or held their hands back inclined, as if in contemplation

Stroking heads, vexed, hands on foreheads, meditating 
Finally they concentrated

Without a word


Integrated *Karesansui. This turned into
The Borrowing Scene of Life

* Karesansui: a special Japanese form of garden design that is mainly composed of stones, sands and plants to express the simulated mountain and rivers.
(photo was taken at Ryoanji, Kyoto, Japan, in December 2007. )