The Pianist of the Starry Sky

my original poem〈星空的鋼琴師〉
english translation by Jeats

The Pianist of the Starry Sky

He used to wander in the night of no performance
To the solemn cathedral 
Gazing at that piano with the dark blue starlight
Such a gigantic black piano
An over-beautiful piano played by no one

Aspiring to own and caress her
Familiarly, he could tell the name of each key
Imaging that was 
A stairway to Heaven 
Seven and one third spirals
Every spiral was a stone step of twelve heated marbles 
Soft stamps would splash out the steaming moon-light
He could hear of Heaven Sound rising from the feet

Eighty eight constellations shined through a lot
He was a descendent of the first poet in Carteya family 
His soul flied back to Mesopotamia from time to time
Inhabiting at the rimless pasture and dreaming
He stringed up those stranded pearls
As if kissing branded on the lover’s neck

He was a pianist, shuttling through the banquets
With crystal glass, diamonds, tobacco and good wine
Indulged in being like an animal, he passionately
Kept fingers back and forth on piano keys lustfully
Listeners were amazed at seeing ten angels 
Flying in dance in and out at the stairway to Heaven

Heaven was of Baroque style
So over-huge and extra-delicate
He always thought of this that way. But how 
To interpret composer’s musical conception?
A tune of recitative with joy, sadness, diatoms
Roses, and, life and death all competing against others

He was practicing and preparing 
How could he recognize the basso numerato 
From His infinite music score
Then letting out all his strength to play
To end with a perfect rest music in his pianist carrier 
Through the most skillful impromptu recital ever