I Love you/ Recovering of a Flower/ Encounter

English translation by Jeats

I Love You

The stumbled hurdle athlete on the track
Each time articulating *three character phrase
All blushed by himself on the cheeks 

* three character phrase: in Chinese, each character is also a word. “I love you” are combined of three characters. However, in Chinese “three character phrase” also mean foul language to scold others.

English translation by Jeats

Recovering of a Flower

Upper lips of all Gods
Laid on the stairs 
Slightly mild purple
Dispirited with no inspiration 
Fire-reddened Divine Utility
With fevered Dusk
Diving into Water
Rumbling with sh-sh sound

Screws, gears, and levers
In the time-telling clock
Ejected from the Melody
In bright mining area
Coal stacks are boasted as a river
Doves fly far away

Crack among the wood is a secret space
Pools, full or deficient
Water turning into ice
Ice turning into water, also
No directions
No lyrics
Eternal pasture
Amusing inside the Kaleidoscope

Fragments scattered to all directions
Each one petal of flower shivering a bit
Such as the tiptoe of Cats
Swinging afar sluggishly
In the end, close to 
Chaste hands
Within little Black color
Recovering as a Flower

English translation by Jeats


At our first meet, we were floating and sinking and almost drown. But that was the only meet for us. After our brief hug, we were drawn and pulled to other directions. Then for our whole life, we saw each other mo more。

Inhabiting in two separate corners on this street where we were unable to see its ends, we had our different gardens, lattice windows, ornaments on the front doors, little night lamps…and tides, souls in and out.

We, you and I, were once two houses.



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