The Leopard and Me/ A Girl Leaving Distantly/ Debate in Washington Academy of Sciences

original poem 〈豹與我〉
english translation by Jeats

The Leopard and Me

Hibernating in the hollowness of Savanna
That leopard’s rugged vertebra slightly raised
Stars were grown with vines and leaves
Like the ripe grapes
Dews were about to slide down
The tour escort disappeared in the front
The commending aspiration sound conveyed impatience
Sickles flurried like the new moon
Reflecting the cold light, sweeping up
Little trail windy 
But deep
Visitors came crawling forward on the trail
They couldn’t tell long grass from flying manes
Leopards’ spots slightly seen were like peeping pupils
The leopard remained his back facing the front
But to the next turn
He might perhaps stamp the foot to then become
A dragon-horse flying away
Or he just showed off bare teeth in front of your eyes
But I was just following the ribbon
Tagged on the forefathers

I fast walked forward like a wandering ghost
Like the wind rubbed the night, rubbing
The tranquil seemed being infinite


original poem 〈遠離的女孩〉
english translation by Jeats

A Girl Leaving Distantly

Who quickly paced up with me
Naughtily tapping on my shoulder
But soon turning her head away
With her back facing me

When I struggled from
Such a crowded sea of people
I stretched my hand
But whose hand was like 
A petal of flower fading away
Pushed far away wave by wave

The one who in soft step 
So happily like a sparrow jumping
Confronted the dusk light 
Was a lovely girl, wasn’t her?

That girl was fading gradually 
In the scenery
With her winding silhouette. That girl
That lovely girl
Was her my ex-life lover?

Did we have a date at this arcade
Where the lane was full of moss
Beside us was a curb stone? Or 
Did we go to the date solely on each own
But by chance shoulder to shoulder on the road

I would like to ask that girl
The place she was heading to
I would like to cry out her name loudly
Nay, couldn’t I recall her name in time

(Adieu, Adieu!)


original poem 〈華盛頓科學院的爭辯 (紀念天文學家哈伯)〉
english translation by Jeats

Debate in Washington Academy of Sciences
(In Memory of Astronomer, Edwin Hubble )

Hey, my fellow brothers
I meant nothing harmful
Just making you clear, from 
Here to Heaven
It was not just distance for more or less several fists



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