Your Lullaby

original poem 〈給你的搖籃曲〉
english translation by Jeats

Your Lullaby  

Let me took your hand 
On that unnamed painting
From the draft on it was obliterated and changed repeatedly
It was a work of pointillism
The blank somewhere in that painting 
You dipped and added a touch of color onto

Even if your horse-trotting lamp,
Those animals and fairies hedging on their speech
Beating around the bush
Still they finished telling all of
The bed time stories on earth

I would lie down by your side
Dancing with my full body to beckon
Your guardian angel
To keep revolving the earth for you

When thousand boats
Sailed through seven oceans till the end
I was the lazy bone of
Jellyfish floating

I would take you to cross over
The empty ultimate sea territory
Till we got stranded on 
The soft sand shore of the end of the world

And if the waves crept in
I would soon turn into
Strong and stubborn
Armor blocks



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