Twilight Guandu (Humoresque) / Superstition

original poem〈關渡向晚〉(幽默曲)
english translation by Jeats

Twilight Guandu (Humoresque)

Wild geese still wrote on an unfinished sonnet
On the cloud-colored sheet
riskly egrets missed one rime
From the hazy horizon
Pointing out epigrams

Evening breeze combed thousands of green hair
Tufted ducks raised their heads listening to
Reddening drum
With your back silhouette in the scenery was
The final signature

So much like
Wood boat hesitating toward the sunset of ferry and that year
Reeds silently facing toward big catkin willows

Thin silk red clouds knitted a butterfly at your hair hill
I, at spacious forehead of Ketagalan, 
Sat and watched 
Dogs and kitchen chimney smoke


original poem 〈迷信〉
english translation by Jeats 


Upon you is an amulet 
Saying you just take a bowl of hot water every meal



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